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OUR MISSION - To provide quality products and service, honor God, protect the environment, support the community and have fun!

lodge3.jpgLogan Mill Lodge, Conference Center, and Caboose: We would like to be able to share what we have with others, so we turned the the old mill into three condo units you can rent when you come to beautiful Southwest Wisconsin for vacation, business, and gatherings with family and friends. If you rent all three of the condos you may also use...free of additional charge, the conference/party room on the north end of the lodge and on the west side of the conference room the 2 car (or several bikes!) garage and the Milwaukee Road Caboose behind the lodge.

farm.jpgThe Organic Cash Crop Farm: Ocooch Mountain Acres farmland was deeded from the United States government to the first farmer in May 1854. Ken and Ruth became care takers of this piece of land in May 1991. This 160 acre farm is a prime example of God's perfect creation of the beautiful Ocooch Mountains and Kickapoo River Valley of Southwest Wisconsin. factory.jpgThe photo at the header of this page and to the right of this narrative shows the farm. The farm is on one of the highest of the Ocooch Mountains, just 1 mile east of the West Fork of the Kickapoo River and the trout fishing community of Avalanche. There is a 1 mile long hiking trail through the farm from which you will have a 10 mile view of the surrounding hill, valleys and the maple forest. NOTE: There are no animals on Ken & Ruth's farm, but their Amish neighbors have horses, cows, pigs, chickens, cat/dog, sheep and you can get permission to visit the Amish farm.

The Maple Syrup Factory: Located next to Logan Mill Lodge in downtown Westby.

Railroad Museum

Milwaukee Road Caboose


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